We are the sole distributor of Treet Corporation Limited for Canada and America(s). We market and sell our products on line, available for both consumers and retailers at the best available price at their doorsteps. We also cater whole sale and bulk buyers at the negotiated price.

Treet Corporation Limited is a Public limited company whose stock trades on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. The company was quoted as one of the best 25 industries on Karachi Stock Exchange in the year 2004. Treet was among the first ten companies in Pakistan to obtain ISO 9001 – 2000 certification in 1997 for its outstanding attainment.

Treet products are in high demand and currently, exporting its products to over 35 countries around the globe. Major customers are from China, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Syria, Bangladesh, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Poland, KSA, and 23 other countries.

Treet is proud of their inspection, testing and calibration processes. It has an independent department for quality control with add on R&D section. The R&D section provides the research and development services pertaining to improvement in Double Edge Shaving Blades and Disposable Razors. The department regularly prepares and circulates manufacturing process performance reports.

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