Sample Pack 3

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  • Description: Sample Pack of both stainless and carbon steel double edge blades, it consists of the following:
    1. Treet Platinum Super Stainless Steel Blades          10 Blades
    2. Treet King Super Stainless Steel Blades                    10 Blades
    3. Trig Super Stainless Steel Blades                                   10 Blades
    4. Treet Black Carbon Steel Blades                                   10 Blades
    5. Treet Dura Sharp Carbon Steel Blades                      10 Blades
    6. Treet Silver Carbon Steel Blades                                  10 Blades
  • Try our one of the "Sample Packs" if not sure which blade type suites your needs. Each type of blade offer its own characteristics and come with different type of coating and finishing that provides different shaving experience which can vary from individual to individual. 

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