Treet Hygiene (Single Blade)

  • Ref: TCTB0111
  • $12.00

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  • Description: A specially designed comb razor that is most suitable for shaving away unwanted hair with ease, Thus ensuring 100% hygiene and smooth.
  • Packing: Individually packed razors in a bag.
  • Pricing: Price quoted here is for 50 disposable razors, each razor is packed individually.
  • Orders: Please enter 1 if  you wish to purchase 50 razors, 2 for 100 and so forth.  Take the advantage of pay less as you order more. 
  • Bulk Orders: Please email you inquiry if you want to order in bulk (600 or more), use "Enquiry Form" under the "Contact" tab.
  • Try our one of the "Sample Packs" if not sure which blade type suites your needs.


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