Treet New Steel (200 Blades)

  • Ref: TDEC0208
  • $16.50

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  • Description: Treet New Steel blade with special coating to provide flexibility and agility to the blade to adjust with the curves and bends of the face. It's special coating ensures the sharpness.
  • Pricing: Price quoted here is for 200 blades in a packing of 10 blades per Tuck and 20 Tucks in a Card.
  • Orders: Select "1" in the "Quantity" if you wish to order 200 blades, "5" if ordering 1000 blades, "10" if ordering 2,000 blades, and so forth.
  • Bulk Orders: Use "Enquiry Form" under the "Contact" tab to email your inquiry for the bulk orders (6,000 or more blades).
  • Try our one of the "Sample Packs" if not sure which blade type suites your needs. 


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